Overlord (overlord44) wrote,

Mecha Porn

Overlord: <@*****> YOU GUYS
Overlord: <@*****> hahaha ####### just got a spam mail titled "get a stiffy in a jiffy"
Overlord: <@*****> almost as good as the one I got that said "initiate huge dick sequence"
Kemp: lol
Overlord: I love that second one
Overlord: It sounds like a h-manga with mechs
Kemp: mech 1: "Whorebot detected"
Kemp: mech 2: "Initiating huge dick sequence, prepare to penetrate on my command"
Overlord: LOL
Kemp: anywho, bed time for me
Overlord: I'll be going fairly soon
Kemp: and remember, there are hot mechs just waiting for you to call them...
Kemp: they really need a quote for those reactor heatsinks
Overlord: hahahaha
Overlord: Just call 1-800-MECH-SEX today
Kemp: we know what you like
Kemp: as long as what you like is 100 tonnes of metal crushing you
Overlord: LMAO
Kemp: thank you, I'm here all week
Overlord: Try the veal
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